"Nobody is interested in my research"
"It's too complex to explain"
"Science doesn't work on social media"

Ever felt like this? You're not alone! Many researchers feel like their work just isn't interesting and understandable for the general audience. But you would be surprised how interested people are, as long as you find your story. We can teach you how to tell your story on the platform of your choice: on social media, in a science magazine, in a podcast, infographic, or video.

We guide you to a finished product

Whether it's a podcast, video, article, infographic, or tweet

Together with our media partners, we at SciMingo will teach you how to turn your research into a captivating story, so that you may inform and inspire a broad audience. Because it is crucial that science gets out there: not only to address urgent issues like climate change or vaccination, but also to inform policy makers, to make research more transparant, to educate the public, and to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Our talks

Experienced science communicators share their tips and tricks in free online lectures and panel discussions.

Why is this a unique opportunity?

  • Individual feedback

    We coach you from initial idea to finished product.

  • Hands-on

    Every training leads to a concrete result: an infographic, an article, a video or a podcast.

  • Media

    Through collaborations with our media partners, such as Eos, you build a valuable network for future science communication.


Creative & well-balanced science communication

The SciComm Academy is an initiative by SciMingo. We are a Brussels-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering creative & well-balanced science communication. Our aim is to encourage scientists to share their research with the world, and guide them in that process.

You might know us from projects such as the Flemish Dissertation Award (Vlaamse Scriptieprijs), Flemish PhD Cup (Vlaamse PhD Cup) and Science Figured Out. Find out more at scimingo.eu

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