What to expect

We guide you through the whole process: from idea to script to video.

  • During the physical workshop "pitching" on October 17, you will learn how to define your key message, and how to structure and write your pitch in order to convey this message. We also teach you how to use your voice, your body and the camera so that everyone listens.

  • After the workshop, you'll continue to work on the script for your video pitch at home. But don't worry, you don't have to do it alone! We provide two feedback rounds 30 to guide you through the process and to get you ready for the recordings.

  • Your video pitch is recorded professionally. You'll only need to be available for 1 hour on November 16.

  • Finally, we also help you to spread your message. Your video will be published on sciencefiguredout.be, our social media channels and perhaps even by our media partner Eos.


Hans Van de Water

Hans Van de Water holds a master’s degree in International Politics. For the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO) he coordinated the Flemish Science Agenda. In 2015, he founded the Science Battle, the competition where scientists present their research in primary schools. Most importantly, as one of the founders of 'The Floor is Yours', he has trained thousands of scientists to talk about what they do in clear and appealing ways.

Toon Verlinden

Toon Verlinden is a biochemistry engineer. In addition to being a founder and presentation coach for The Floor is Yours, he is also a freelance science and travel journalist for science magazine EOS, among others. He organizes the annual Sound of Science festival, together with Hetty Helsmoortel. Together with Marjolein Vanoppen, he has also just published his first non-fiction book about the fascinating world of water research.

What's in it for you?

  • Learn how to pitch

    This skill is also useful for lectures, research proposals, scientific articles,...

  • Gain camera experience

    Get rid of your shyness and shine!

  • Tell people what you do

    You may use your video to tell everybody about your research.


A game changer

Elodie-Laure Jimenez

"The pitch workshop delivered by SciMingo and Science Figured Out is the most stimulating project I have had in science communication so far. The whole process was very professional, and I was flabbergasted by the final video. It also turned out to be game changer for my career as it gave me a lot of visibility. A do-not-miss experience!"

An enriching experience

Yanou Ramon (UAntwerpen)

"I really enjoyed the pitch workshop of SciMingo! It was an enriching experience that helps you find the language to tell your research in a captivating & understandable way! The organizers give lots of feedback and help you turn your ideas into a pitch you can be proud of!"

A voice to craft a story

Alexander John Cruz (KU Leuven - Imec - FWO)

"The short video production with Science Figured Out is one of the most enriching experiences I've had as a PhD researcher. The team provided us a voice to craft a story about our research and made them accessible to the general public."
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Something for you?

  • Are you a professional researcher?

  • Do you want to learn how to turn your research into a captivating pitch
    that everybody listens to?

  • Do you want to learn how to use your voice, body, and the stage?

Not convinced yet?

View more videos and learn more about our project at the separate website of Science Figured Out.


Creative and well-balanced science communication

The SciComm Academy is an initiative by SciMingo. We are a Brussels-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering creative & well-balanced science communication. Our aim is to encourage scientists to share their research with the world, and guide them in that process.

You might know us from projects such as the Flemish Dissertation Award (Vlaamse Scriptieprijs), Flemish PhD Cup (Vlaamse PhD Cup) and Science Figured Out. Find out more at scimingo.eu

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